part 2

This time the club was back to it's busy scene for some strange reason perhaps the weather it was not as packed the last time, he met a few regulars and some he avoided. He spent the majority of the night dancing with a pair of lovely slick dancers that kept on whispering to each other whatever he said, obviously a pair of teasers but they were extremely lovely and approachable. He met a stripper who looked familiar she kept him abreast of her pole dancing career right the way to stringfellows.

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101 nights part 1

He had come tonight as part of the entourage for a friends birthday the club had undergone some renovations and had mixed the regular hip hop crowd with the mainstreampop crowd iunto one mainly hiphop mix. He saw a few regulars that this time tried to get his attention He normally avoided regulars as most of the time they seemed to be using him as bait but this time he was curious particularly as the girl was gorgeous. He spoke to her a few seconds whilst she headed for the bar. As she left he took the opportunity to engage in a conversation with her pal. Not as gorgeous as the girl but still pretty with an ample sized bosom. He was a little disappointed when she said she was spoken for and would not even give him a dance. Now in such a scenario he didn't assume the straight forward assumption that she simply wasn't interested but that maybe her friend might have given her a sign that she hasd eyes only for him which would naturally cause her to avoid hurting her friend's feelings. Well it was a longshot but anything to maintain his ego was welcome.